Devon’s adoption story

Devon was adopted November 11th, 2011. We had originally been looking for a 3 to 4 year old chocolate boy, but when our darling walked out at the adoption event, we fell instantly in love. Devon was an ex- breeder, 20lbs over weight, beautiful yellow, pure bred English Labrador. She was 6 years old, turning 7 on December 18th. She had no leash manners or concept of play, but we soon changed that. Within a couple of weeks, she was acting more like a dog. She is now so extremely well behaved after three years, in fact, that Devon has to bark to remind us she is a dog and not our child. Devon has bought joy and peace to our home. We only want her to know good energy. We are so lucky to have her. All the neighborhood loves Devon, and I can’t recommend enough how wonderful it is to open your heart to adoption.

Thanks for sharing Devon’s adoption story with us, Alison! It sounds like she has been a great addition to your family, and we’re so glad you decided to adopt.

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