Dexter’s Rescue Story

Kirstin shares the story of how she adopted Dexter, an adorable long-haired Dachshund,  from her local shelter:

Kirstin found Dexter at her local shelter

About a year and a half ago we decided to add a dog to the family. We wanted to rescue and went to our local shelter. We went through rows of big dogs, all barking and jumping, begging to be brought home. Finally in the second to last kennel, there sat “Fritz” – a chocolate brown long-haired dachshund, quietly looking up at us, not making a sound …  I was in love.

Dexter suffered from a shattered femur

We took him out for a walk and he was just perfect, except that he was limping on his hind leg. The shelter explained that he was brought in as a stray and suffered from a shattered femur due to either a car accident or abuse. That night I couldn’t sleep, I couldn’t stop thinking about this dog, and I had to give him a loving home. I put him on hold until he underwent his surgery, and a couple days after the operation he came home to recover with his new family. Now named Dexter, our rescue dog has absolutely changed our lives, he puts a smile on my face daily and I can’t imagine my life without him, and without the Warwick Animal Shelter in Rhode Island, I would have never found my best friend.

Thanks for sharing Dexter’s adoption story with us, Kirstin!

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  • Ron says:

    CUTEST DOG EVER! Going to be a star.

  • KB says:

    You where at the right place at the right time. He has such a happy face, he makes me smile too:) I’m so happy for Dexter, he found a wonderful family!

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