Duke’s adoption story

Living in South Florida has its benefits–besides having great weather year round, great beaches, and a wonderful selection of diverse foods, we also have a fantastic Humane Society that offers shelter, care, adoption, and kindness to the animals down here. They also have a fantastic website for pet adoption with current photos and pet descriptions.

One rainy Tuesday I arrived home from work not expecting anything special; after all it was a work day Tuesday. When I walked in I noticed that my son’s laptop was sitting by itself on the dining room table with a note on the screen. As I approached the yellow sticky note, I could clearly see on there in big bold letters “DAD LOOK“… I looked on the screen and noticed that there was a photo of a beautiful older dog that looked very similar to the dog we already had.

Just then my son came out of his bedroom and said “Dad, we have to go adopt this one, please!” and, “He doesn’t look like a puppy so probably no one will adopt him…he looks just like Daisy, doesn’t he?” He certainly did look like our other dog Daisy. and I also noticed that his name was Duke. I said, “Johnathan take a look at that coincidence, we have a Daisy and his name is Duke!” “I don’t know what that means Dad,” my son responded, “but we should go look at him in person.” For a moment I forgot that the television show I was expecting my son to recognize aired about twenty five years or so before he was born.

On the drive to the shelter we were both excited to meet Duke and when they brought him out to us we both immediately fell in love. He was calm, loving, tender, and had eye contact that spoke volumes. Duke was everything the opposite of what Daisy was; she was rambunctious and full of energy. A perfect match since we certainly could not handle another Daisy.

Since that day, Duke has been there to greet Johnathan every afternoon when he got home from elementary school, middle school, high school, and soon college. Duke was already kind and loving, but most of all he had a uniquely special bond with Johnathan. I feel as if somehow he knew who’s idea it really was to bring him home that rainy Tuesday afternoon some 9 years ago.

Thanks for sharing Duke’s adoption story with us; it looks like Duke and Daisy were meant to be together!

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