Dutchess’ Rescue and Adoption Story

This week, Angel A. shares Dutchess’ rescue and adoption story with  us:

When we decided we would have another dog, the only restriction was that it would have be a dog from a shelter.

So one morning we looked at the Pasadena Humane society’s website and we saw what looked like a young bulldog, we were surprised to see this type of dog on there.

That same day we went to the shelter and looked at this young beautiful, what turned out to be a female bulldog/boxer mix and we fell in love with her. Of course there were many other dogs that we could have taken home, and believe me, we wanted to.

After making the necessary arrangements and interviews, we set a date to spend some time with “Dutchess.” Dutchess was very playful and happy to have someone with her. That same afternoon, she was spayed and the next day we took her home.

Once we got home we noticed that Dutchess may have been abused and had separation anxiety as she would hold onto our legs whenever she would see us getting ready to go somewhere. She would also run if she ever saw us holding anything resembling a stick, and whenever she knew she did something wrong and got caught, she would become extremely submissive.  By re-assuring her and petting her, she overcame all these fears and now she is the queen of the castle and loves to chase the neighbors cats out of the back yard and she loves to spend the afternoons looking out the window from the bed or from the couch. She also waits for me to come home from work so we can go on out daily walk and all the kids and people in the neighborhood love her and always stop to talk to her and pet her and some of the little kids even love to hug her and she sits there very patiently and allows them to do so.

Thank you for sharing Dutchess’ rescue story with us, Angel! We’re so glad she found a loving home with you.

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  • Lisa says:

    Beautiful! Blessings to you and your family !

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