Dwight’s rescue and adoption story

The day I found Dwight was the day our lives changed. It started out like any ordinary day; grocery shopping, post office, etc…

On my way back to my house, I was driving down our road, (speed limit is 45, but most go 55-60mph) and all of a sudden I saw a little dog running along the side of the road, looking completely panicked and disoriented. I pulled over, really not expecting him/her to come to me. I knelt down there on the cold asphalt, holding up traffic in each direction (I didn’t care), and I called to the puppy. At that moment, it was only me and the puppy. Nothing else mattered. As I crept closer and held out my hand, he came to me. He looked extremely skinny, and he was very cold. Without a thought, I scooped him up & put him in my backseat.  One of the drivers who was backed up in the traffic I caused and who was watching me, called out to me “God bless you.” I brought him home, took off the awful shock collar he had on, fed him, bathed him, brushed him and then he fell asleep on a makeshift “bed” I put down for him.

That night I called the phone number I found on the ID/shock collar. When I told the man that I had found his dog, he told me he was already in another state,…that he’d been out hunting with some dogs, and when this one ran away, the man just left him behind.

All I could think was that I did not want to return this dog. He obviously wasn’t cared for, and I needed to save him. I thought of all kinds of things to say to this man to help convince him to let me keep the dog, but when it came down to it, it was easy. The man said, “Yeah, go ahead and keep him. I have plenty of dogs.” God blessed me that day. My husband and I adore “Dwight.” Today, he is fully recovered from having 3 different illnesses. He makes us smile, he makes us laugh, he makes everyday of our lives brighter. He loves his kitty sisters, he loves cookies, steak & chicken and most of all, he loves to be in bed covered with his blanket.

Thank you for sharing Dwight’s rescue story with us, Dana. What a miracle that you were there to rescue Dwight in his time of need!

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  • Theresa says:

    I read your story and it touched me. I’m glad Dwight found someone to love and care for him. They are not just animals they are our fur child’s. From the sound of he previous owner he shouldn’t be allowed to have dogs at all.

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