Ender’s rescue story


Back in early 2012 we were told of a Beagle who was going to be placed in a shelter due to the owner no longer being able to take care of him. For a while my fiancé and I were contemplating bringing in another dog into our home so our Beagle, Riley, could have a friend.

After we met Ender (his name was “Uno” when we met him) we knew he was a special pup. Although his demeanor may differ from Riley’s (who we’ve had since she was a puppy) the two have been peas in a pod ever since.

Ender at the pier

We may not have rescued Ender from a shelter, however, we feel happy knowing we were able to swoop in and bring him into our home before being taken to a shelter.

Ender and Riley

And for those Sci-Fi fans wondering, yes, he was indeed named after the book Ender’s Game.

Thanks for sharing Ender’s adoption story with us; Ender and Riley are adorable!

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