Four Years of Memories with Five Wonderful Cats: An Adoption Story

We have 5 wonderful cats, each was adopted every 6 months for 2 1/2 years. We live in Florida and with heat and fleas our kitties stay inside and get treated for fleas thanks to online ordering from PetMeds. Working full time I just don’t always have the time to run to the store for flea and worm meds. We love our babies since our children and 8 grand kids do not live at home. Life stays fun and exciting with the 5 different personalities and tempers.

Sassy is the oldest, solid black with the white hairs on her neck. “This is a sign she was once a good witch and died and came back a cat” is just a story I tell my grand kids on how you know she used to be a good witch and why witch’s like black cats.  I taught her to play fetch with old Halloween black spider rings.

Next was Soxy, a beautiful fluffy black and white kitten that was our daughter’s 18th birthday surprise. She likes to sit pretty and pose for the camera. Then 6 months later came Baby, a multi colored precious baby that sleeps with grandma, then came the first boy, Smokey, a beautiful grey cat that is twice the size of all the other cats. Finally was Midnight, another black cat. Midnight was adopted by the male, and is just full of it. She chases the other cats, attacks them to make them play, and rough houses with Smokey. It is a sight to watch the biggest and smallest cats wrestle. And when grandma comes home from a long day at work, little Midnight jumps up on my chest for loves.

This is our story and it has been a wonderful 4 years of memories.

Thank you for sharing the adoption story of your beautiful cats with us, Katherine!

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