Gigi’s adoption story

Gigi had a bad life from when she was a puppy–she was used for breeding and was being hit almost every day. She is 4 years old now and never had a name. The lady I got her from said she was so badly matted and full of poop she had to shave her, and finally after so long she found her forever home were she was named Gigi. Now she has a big sister and a mom that loves her more than anything. She’s playing and doing agility and tricks. Gigi is a very smart and sweet pup; she is my everything!

She is amazing. How she could have had such a bad life and come out and still love and trust is amazing! Gigi is my amazing poodle and I would not give her up for anything ♥
Here is a small video of her:

Thank you for sharing Gigi’s rescue story with us. We’re so glad Gigi found a loving home with you.

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