GiGi’s rescue story

My daughter Nicole found this young dog near her home at risk of being hit by nearby traffic. She coaxed the dog to come to her and took her home. This young dog appeared to have recently given birth. She no longer had milk and was very thin and dehydrated. Nicole had her checked at the vet for a micro-chip and had her treated for various concerns, but she couldn’t keep her and asked me to care for her until she could find someone to take her. I had recently lost my dog LeyLey to cancer, and I was still grieving. I wasn’t eager to take on this dog but did anyway. It became obvious that it would be difficult to locate a new owner because she had some pit bull qualities. Her youth made for some biting and aggressive tendencies, and my own prejudices kept me from accepting her. She was somewhat trained too, and I kept thinking her previous owner was missing her. It was nearly 6 months before I gave her a name. But GiGi has completely captured my heart and proven herself to be loyal and eager to please. She loves playing with my son’s golden retriever friend, Dallas, and appreciates that children require her most gentle attention. Her small nibbles have become kisses and hugs. GiGi helped me recover from the loss of my beloved Ley and has made me joyous in the absolute love she gives me each and every moment. I thank Nicole for getting out of her car and rescuing this beautiful dog! We make a complete and loving family, my GiGi and I.

Thank you for sharing GiGi’s rescue story with us, Dee! We’re glad you were able to open your home and heart to her.

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