Ginger’s rescue story

In the spring of 2013, I was working as a tech at a local animal hospital that often received cases from the S.P.C.A. and animal control. We had gotten a call from the S.P.C.A. about a female shepherd puppy with possible broken legs and/or rickets. We accepted the case, and they brought in Ginger. She was 8 weeks old and after x-rays and a full evaluation, it was determined she had two broken front legs. She could barely hold herself up to potty but she would wag her tail like crazy and get super excited for any amount of attention. Later, after getting more details from the S.P.C.A., we learned that her previous owners relinquished their rights to her after she jumped out of a two story window and broke her legs. In my mind that was an incredibly fishy story but unfortunately, we were not able to look into things further. She received surgery and now has a plate in her front right paw. I had never had a dog before, only cats, but when she gave me those classic “puppy dog eyes,” I knew I was in for it! For a month she stayed at the hospital where we were able to rehabilitate her and periodically evaluate her for when she would be able to return the shelter. The day she left to go back to the S.P.C.A., I knew I couldn’t risk her being put into a scary situation again, so I immediately went down to the shelter to fill out the paper work. Miraculously, even though 5 people had already filled out adoption forms for her, I received the call that I could come pick her up! Even though she will always have the plate, she has made a full recovery, and you would never be able to guess that she ever had two broken legs. Sometimes I get the impression that she is really part kangaroo, part dog! She is almost 2 years old now (January 22!) and is the most joyful, loving, loyal animal I have ever adopted. I think she chose me (as her future mommy) when she first came to my hospital, sometimes that is how it should be.

Thanks for sharing Ginger’s rescue story with us, Abby! We’re sorry Ginger had such a tough start to life, but we’re glad she found you and got a great home!

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