Ginny Picks Her Own Forever Home

Vira tells us that she has three rescue pets; this is Ginny’s rescue and adoption story:

In fall of 2010, I noticed a small calico cat and gray striped kitten wandering around my yard. There are outdoor cats in this neighborhood who have homes, but it quickly became apparent that these 2 were dumped and left to fend for themselves. I started feeding them and trying to let them know they did not need to be afraid. I’d feed them on my porch, and set up boxes with blankets and chairs with cushions for them to sleep on. We got into a routine: I’d feed the cats and they started to sleep on my porch.

Little Buddy (the kitten) took a liking to my neighbor, and Ginny, the momma, was building up her trust toward me. One night, Ginny was not sleeping on the porch and I was worried sick. I woke up every hour or so to check for her. I don’t know where she went that night, but I decided right then and there that these cats had to come inside. Over the next few weeks, I lured Buddy into a carrier and got him inside, and was able to pick up Ginny and get her inside. I had noticed Ginny walks with a limp, but as it turns out, her right leg is shorter than the left. She can run and play just fine, because I’d hear her in the basement, batting around all her toys all night. I took Ginny and Buddy to the vet for spaying and neutering. All went well except Ginny had a bad case of worms that I’d end up treating several times.

I never intended to keep Ginny –  I just wanted to get her off the street and into a good home. The call finally came from a very nice lady with a young daughter who wanted a cat. I gave Ginny to them, and when she was gone, I cried and cried and cried. I had spent many months getting Ginny to earn my trust, and now she was gone. I’ve rescued several cats in the past, and have never cried when they were adopted, but I cried and cried for Ginny.

Well, Ginny may have been adopted, but she had other plans! Within 2 days, Ginny’s adopter called me, wanted to return her. Apparently she had bit the husband and was hiding and wouldn’t come out. I took Ginny back, and we’ve been inseparable ever since. She is the sweetest little girl who purrs and purrs and purrs the moment you look at her. I just love this little cat!

Thank you for sharing Ginny’s adoption story with us, Vira.  It sounds like Ginny already knew her true home was with you!

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  • Vira says:

    That’s my girl!!!

  • Joan Ryan says:

    That was such a sweet story. Ginny is a doll. I had a calico named Sparkey. She was an SPCA graduate who passed away at 14. I miss her. Gone 14 years.

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