Gizmo’s Rescue and Adoption Story

This is my Rescue Story: In November of 1992 I received my gift of a Companion. I worked for a home center in New Kensington. The warehouse guys were moving some lumber piles out in the yard, when they lifted the pallet of wood up they noticed the forks from the fork truck apparently killed his family. He was the lone survivor of the aftermath.

They thought it would be a good idea to leave him in the warehouse to catch mice. That lasted two days because it kept getting into the store and setting the security alarm off. So, the Manager says he has to go, and asked if anyone would take him, and no one wanted him. Me not being a cat person, but as no one would take him, I felt bad…I mean he just lost his whole family.

So I stepped up to the plate and decided I would take him. I am so glad I did. He has his 21st Birthday next month! He’s a little slow but otherwise very healthy. And thanks to Gizmo, I can proudly say I am a Cat person!

Thank you for sharing Gizmo’s rescue story with us! It’s awesome that Gizmo turned you into a cat person.

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