Harpur’s adoption story

We adopted Harpur from a shelter in Long Island, mostly because he was the only dog not barking incessantly.  He also had great eyes that let me know he was alert and ready for a family, despite the warning on his sign saying that he might not be good with kids.  When we first adopted Harpur, we had no kids. He was an amazing dog – playful, loving and extremely bright.  Eight years after adopting Harpur, our first son was born – 9 weeks earlier than expected. He was very tiny, weighing less than 3 pounds at birth.  Taking care of Ben during those early days was extremely challenging but Harpur joined in instantly as another caregiver for our small son and would notify me anytime Ben was crying or out of sorts. Harpur guarded Ben as if he was his own and over the years has proven to be the best family dog ever – putting up with the antics of two active boys, learning how to share toys and also still giving plenty of love even during the stressful times when he received less attention from me.

Now, Harpur is in his golden years – almost 17 years old. He’s still quite sharp, though his legs don’t work as well as he wishes they would.  He has brought all of us so much joy.  We will always be grateful for every day we have had with this terrific dog Harpur and wish the same for others who may be thinking about adopting a dog.

Thank you for sharing Harpur’s adoption story with us, Beth! It sounds like he has been the perfect dog for your family.

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