Honey Bear’s Adoption Story

Suanne shares the story of how she found and adopted beautiful Honey Bear:

My Honey Bear is my baby – 15 years ago, we went to a pet store, to pick up dog food for an older dog that we were watching for my mother-in-law.  We were not there for a pet.  But, there they were on “adoption day” from the local shelter.  And just think, if the girl hadn’t seen my interest, and hadn’t offered me the leash, to walk around the store, I would never have had my beautiful Honey Bear.

She is my baby – she was about 7 months when we adopted her – and has been a very happy healthy dog.  Just recently, right before the Thanksgiving holiday, she started having some stomach/ulcer issues, and possibly liver cancer.  With the help from a wonderful vet, we are trying to make sure she is eating, and not losing any more weight.

Don’t know what I would have done without her in my life.  She has been with me through difficult and sad times, but also there for happy times.  She’s smart and adorable – and her face is so expressive – I just know she knows what I am saying to her.  She’s always at my side – and always there to make me smile.

People almost everyday, ask me how old my puppy is….she still is my puppy, even at 15!!

Thank you for telling us about Honey Bear, Suanne! It seems like you were meant to be together.

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  • Fran Glavan says:

    Honey Bear looks just like my dog Simone. I rescued Simone almost 6 years ago. She had lived in Southern Virginia and had been tied up with no shelter behind a house. The Humane Society rescued her and a local group Homeward Trails put her in foster care with a neighbor of mine. It was love at first sight. I had her DNA tested because everyone had a different opinion about her ancestry. She is Sheltie, Collie and Shepard. I wonder what Honey Bear is? Rescue dogs are the best. I had to take Simone to training, but now that I’ve retired we are now a Therapy Dog team with Fidos for Freedom and visit hospitals, nursing homes and schools. She loves to be petted and being a Therapy Dog gives he lots of people to pet her. Simone sends love to Honey Bear.

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