How I adopted a pit bull—Tallulah’s story

In honor of National Pit Bull Awareness Day today, Laura T. recounts the story of how she adopted her own beautiful pit bull, Tallulah, and shares her thoughts on the breed:

It was November 2009, and even though more than 2 years had gone by since my Dalmatian passed away after 11 great years together, I still did not feel I was ready for another dog. Then five days into a long vacation at home, I was getting ready to go out with my mother. Funny, I did have a thought briefly that morning that maybe I should start looking for a dog, but just as quickly I thought to myself that no, I was not ready yet.

I picked up my mom to go out for the day and she said she had to go to the Humane Society for some papers for her dog, Bogart. I said “Sure mom you adopted Bogart a year ago, what could you really need!?” I knew she just wanted to get me to the Humane Society of Broward.  We went in together, but I wasn’t really looking, just going to make her happy. Then in a kennel in the corner I saw a young dog just sitting there so good, but so scared. The name on the kennel said “Chaser” and the dog had a little red thing around her neck. Later on I found out that was because she gets out of her cage and they needed to chase her a lot.

Chaser was the only dog I saw, and I stopped. My mom said “Laura! That’s a pit bull, you said you would never get one of those. Come here and look at this cute beagle.” I said “No mom, this dog is so calm and look how pretty, too.” Then another family with a little boy came to Chaser’s kennel. The mother said “Look at this one, just gorgeous!” I immediately got a person to let me visit with her. Chaser, soon to be re-named Tallulah, was so excited and friendly. It turns out that all of the staff liked her a lot, and some even wanted to adopt her but already had too many dogs.

What I learned is that adopting a pit bull requires a proper home with a yard, and you have to be checked out by the staff which can take a few days.  Thanks to my 1800PetMeds shirt and an easy way to confirm that I owned my home with a nice-sized yard for her, they agreed to let me adopt Lula as long as I promised they could do a home visit. Of course I agreed.

With adoption they do not tell you how the dog ended up at the Humane Society; I only knew that while she was so beautiful, she was a pit bull that was 9 months old and had already been there for ten days. In order for me to take Lula home, she still needed to get spayed. Since it was a Thursday, I was able to pick her up that Friday. I was so happy to have my last few days of vacation with my new four legged friend.

Lula was still a puppy at 9 months old, but someone really did train her well. At dinner time she sits and waits until you say “go ahead.” It wasn’t long after I had Lula before I realized how different pit bulls actually are compared to their reputation. That was nearly four years ago. While I never thought I would have a pit bull, now I realize how smart, loyal and loveable they are. By investing time, training and love a pit bull can be a rewarding part of your life. Adopting Lula was the best decision I almost didn’t make. I wonder often who rescued who.

If you are thinking about adopting a pit bull, I hope you will consider adoption first. While I can understand wanting a certain breed, there are so many dogs in shelters that are just hoping to find a home. Visit your local shelter and save a life!

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  • I have 4 dogs. Pierre, a Toy Poodle, was my first pet before my divorce. This little boy is 13 years old and weighs 11 pounds. He is a jewel. So smart and a perfect lap dog. To this day he has never made a mess in the house.

    I see where you lost your Dalmation after 11 years and it broke my heart. Kudos to you for rescuing your precious pit bull. They have a bad rap but I think the aggressive ones have been abused or trained to be mean watch dogs.

    Besides Mr. Pierre I have a Bichon Frise, Lucky is his name, and he is 5 years old, and what a personality he has. Pierre and Lucky look so much alike. Then there is my Westie, his name is Ticker, he too is 5 years old, and he watches over his brothers and also never leaves my side. Then there is Chico, my Tea Cup Chihuahua, black and tan. 6 pounds, 3 years old. It’s like having a baby. Having 4 dogs is wonderful. I’m single and live alone and am 64 years old. All 4 dogs sleep in my bed. They get along like you wouldn’t believe. They are (my life).

    I was a volunteer for the Humane Society in my home state, Maryland. I did the spay and neuter program. I was also a PG County Animal Abuse Officer. My girlfriend and I went on the calls together, if the dog owner was not co-operative or was nasty we would call the County Police. I saw so many Pit Bulls neglected, abused, collars so tight they grew in the skin, no water, muddy conditions, and it was my life. Helping these helpless dogs, and horses, gave me a mission. Some of the calls were dangerous, and at that time, it was 1970, there were no laws on the books for fining the dog owners-period. Eventually a law was instituted so the abusive animal owners could get as much as a thousand dollars fine.

    I am so impressed with the Humane Society’s Adoption Program. I adopted two cats here in Florida and I was investigated. I had to give references, show identification and describe my property; my back yard is about a half an acre and is totally fenced in. My boys have a doggy door so they come and go as they please and they chase squirrels and other criters, and the bonus is Pierre is very active, even at 13 years of age. I know he has slowed down here lately and am bracing for his passing.

    Your story touched me. You lost your dog of 11 years and initially you didn’t think you were ready for another dog. You didn’t hold off for vey long. You are an animal lover. The bonus is, you helped your pit bull, by adopting him, and you said he was very well trained. Then your big heart suddenly realized you were adopted as well and it’s a lovely story. We need more people to adopt and your story will impress some folks for sure. God Bless You and your Pet.


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