Huck’s adoption story

In early 2013 were looking for a buddy for our male Rottweiler (Hurley) who we rescued from the local animal shelter two years prior.  We had been searching for a female because we were told males and females get along better but we couldn’t find a good fit for our gentle giant.  Then in May we saw Huck (Walker Coon Hound) on the foster page of our local shelter.  He was a stray, recovering from heartworm.  He had been at the shelter for five months because no one wanted to foster a large dog.

He was a male, but we took Hurley to the shelter to meet and they were instant buddies!  They matched in size as well as personality.  We took Huck home that day and the instant Huck was cleared for adoption, we made it official.  They love to play together and when one barks at something out the front window, the other one runs to cover the back of the house.  They also join forces when the mean machine (vacuum) comes out.  There is safety in numbers.  We are so glad we were able to give Huck a home and that our boys our best buds.

Thanks for sharing Huck’s adoption story with us, Julie. Huck and Hurley look adorable together!

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  • Aunt Amanda says:

    Love both of those boys! Even though I know his story, reading this made my heart happy.

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