Isabella’s and Cece’s adoption stories

Isabella and Cece both are rescued dogs.  Isabella was a senior owner surrender, and Cece was a senior rescued stray.  Both dogs are beautiful Min Pins, however uniquely different.  Cece was badly neglected and abused: in the 4 years she has been in my life, she finally is able to trust and solicit affection. Initially, she would not make eye contact, was very scared, was not social and was almost completely shut down.  She also had significant painful medical issues which have been addressed and continue to be addressed. She is now social, however, very guarded. Isabella is the opposite, as she is a social butterfly. She recently turned 10 and has the activity level of a 5 year old.  Both dogs are amazing and are the poster pups of how amazing rescued dogs or shelter dogs are.  They have made significant strides and continue to shine.  Every dog, discarded or “broken” deserves a chance.

Thank you for sharing Isabella’s and Cece’s adoption stories with us, Shon! It seems like they both got a great home with you.

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