Isaiah’s rescue story

On the way home from a grocery shopping trip, we passed our neighbor’s property and saw something on the lane coming toward the road. We backed up and pulled into the lane and saw this ugly red and brown ball of matted hair, filthy, flea-infested and totally soaked from the previous night’s rain. I got a blanket and approached him; he turned the other direction but couldn’t go very fast, so I quickly scooped him up and we took him home. After a couple of hours trying to cut off the badly matted hair and clean him up, I gave up and made an appointment to get him groomed the next day.

In the meantime, I made calls to all the vet clinics and the animal shelter in the area. No one had lost a dirty little red and brown Lhasa Apso-mix. We already had two rescues from kill shelters and didn’t need a third. I took him into town the next day and discovered he had no micro-chip. The groomer performed her magic, and our little rescue became black and white. We named him Isaiah, calling him Izzy for short. He quickly wormed his way into our hearts, and today we count ourselves fortunate that he had the good sense to let us find him that cold rainy morning.

Thanks for sharing Isaiah’s adoption story with us, Sharon! It sounds like you were both lucky to find him that night, and we’re so glad he found a home with you.

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