Kody’s Adoption Story

Jaclyn M. shares Kody’s adoption story with us:

Kody, once known as “Rhodie” short for “Rhode Island,” was rescued from The Potter League Animal Shelter in Middletown in 2004. He had been roaming in a wooded area for weeks, unable to be captured due to his extreme speed. Volunteers had noticed his missing fur and skinny frame and knew they had to capture this beautiful blue-eyed baby before it was too late. He was finally caught after being seen looking for food in garbage cans and immediately seen by a vet.

He had gone through multiple tests to find the cause of his hair loss and it was eventually determined to be due to abuse. It seems that Kody was burned with a cigarette and some other sort of flame. He had a large bald spot on his back with small burn marks going up towards his head. Who could do this to such a beautiful animal? Kody was treated and passed around to many shelters before finding a 3-month home at the shelter. It was there that I laid eyes on this magnificent animal.

Not only does Kody have the most gorgeous ice blue eyes you have ever seen, he also has the Siberian Husky smile. With a cone on his head due to a recent neutering, I walked by his kennel and read his name tag out loud:  “My name is Rhode Island but people call me Rhodie.” That’s when I fell in love… hearing his recently given shelter name, he let out a howl. That has become his trademark.

I didn’t think twice about taking him home, I just had to convince my parents. One visit to the shelter and they too were hooked. Rhodie, now changed to Kody, had a new forever home. He quickly adapted to his new name and since his adoption in 2004 has been my loyal companion ever since. Kody has a beauty and personality about him that makes people stop me as I’m walking him, just to ask me if they can pet him or meet him. In some extreme cases I have even had people pull over in a car just to tell me how gorgeous he is, or how well he walks on a leash. My father and I took him one year to the Lime rock car races and my father still tells the story on how everyone at the race paid more attention to Kody sitting there than the cars on the track!

He is a big hit, wherever he goes. He loves the crowds at Water fire and enjoys the strolls through Wickford Village, making sure to let everyone give him a quick pet on the head. His behavior is remarkable for being an abused animal, you would never know he had gone through such a hard life. He has a profound love and patience for those with special needs. He seemed to pick that up all on his own, he knows he has to be gentle, quiet, slow moving and patient. I have a sister with special needs who, until I adopted Kody, was never a fan of dogs especially those of Kody’s size. When she started to see that he didn’t bark instead gave a low howl, she opened up to him and has been inseparable ever since. In fact she enjoys teasing Kody by asking him to “Bark” when she knows he won’t, but yet he will throw his head back and let out a gentle woo.

Adopting Kody was the best choice I have ever made, I only wish I had found him sooner.

Thank you for sharing Kody’s adoption story with us, Jaclyn!

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