Kody’s Rescue Story

This week, Amy shares the story of how she rescued and adopted Kody, an adorable Border Collie/Eskimo mix:

Kody is an adorable Border Collie/Eskimo mix

My dog Kody is  a year old on June 11th of this year.  He’s a Ski Boarder (Border Collie, Eskimo) We got him last September at  2 months.  I had no idea; when my mom and sister drove me 2 hours they said we were visiting family. We stopped at these townhouses, and I didn’t know what was going on. Then a lady came out and took us to the backyard and there he was!  They had named him Charlie, and it turned out the house is where they send some rescued animals. My mom, my older sister and I fell in love with him. HE WAS SO FLUFFY! Then the shelter woman shared ‘Charlie’s story’

Charlie was found in an abandoned farm all covered in soot and tar, and instead of golden fur, his fur was black…VERY black.  He begged for food from the construction workers there and they fed him out of their lunch boxes. They searched the barn and found he was abandoned with NO brothers or sisters or mom, so they called the pet rescue right away.

When we brought him home it took us 3 weeks(!) to come up with a name for ‘Charlie’ …we came up with:  Joey, Random, Pepsi, Nacho, etc.  Then my sister had a party where I asked her friends what do they think we should name him  and my sisters friend Cody said “Lets name him Cody with a K!” We thought it was a great idea and he was named Kody.

From then till now Kody is a valued and loved member of our family. He checks on us every night while we’re sleeping and usually sleeps with my mom right beside her on the bed. When he was 2 months it didn’t take long  for Kody to learn tricks such as climb a ladder, sit, stay, speak, lay down, jump, dance, shake both paws and high-five although he STILL doesn’t get how to play fetch.

Kody has a new brother named Hogan

And now, he has a friend to play with because we got a new Border Collie/Lab/Bernese Mountain Dog puppy named Hogan, whom he licks every morning to clean him and plays with every day.

Thank you for sharing Kody’s (and Hogan’s!) rescue story with us, Amy.

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