Leo’s adoption story

After discovering my beloved Staffordshire Terrier, Jake, had cancer this past May I started him on steroid treatments. Figuring that he would like a playmate since he was still fairly young and energetic at 7 yrs old, I adopted Leo, a boxer-pit mix, from a local rescue group called Hearts of Hope. I figured correct, as those 2 became fast friends. Leo helped my Jake survive another 3 months before the cancer started winning and I had to do what every pet owner is tasked with when our friends have reached their limit on suffering. Leo has taken over where Jake left off trying to fill that void in me. I have since adopted a second rescue for Leo.

Thanks for sharing Leo’s adoption story with us, Doug! We’re glad Jake was able to have a companion before he passed, and we’re glad to hear you opened your home to another rescued dog!

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