Lexie Belle’s Rescue Story

This week,  Donna F. shares the story of how she rescued beautiful Lexie Belle, and Lexie Belle in turn showed her what it is to love unconditionally.

Lexie Belle was rescued at 15 months of age

My sweet Lexie Belle came into our lives on August 4th 2002 at almost 15 months old. I was at a very low point in my life. A lot of stuff had happened… we lived in a very rural area and I wanted a dog for protection. We had been searching for a shepherd but wanted one from a shelter/pound, and we heard there was  one at a local pound. When we arrived there she was: this 80 pound beauty who barked and snarled (yes snarled) at us  but her soulful eyes, they were saying, “please don’t leave me here” so all her defensiveness meant nothing to us.

We wanted to take her right out of that cage  but were told there were 2 other applications ahead of us. I expressed that I’d take her home that minute, but the answer was still no. My husband and I discussed her all that night.  That look in her eyes haunted us and we hardly slept. The very next morning I got a phone call from the pound; the man said “You can come and get your dog.”  I was out the door and on my way.

It was about an hour’s ride, so I had some time to think. Thoughts of that barking, snarling dog kept flashing through. I must be crazy. When I got there, the man took her from the cage and handed her leash to me. This growly, snarly dog licked my hand. We learned she had been abused. That in itself broke my heart.

The following year was so tough for her and us trying to figure what made her tick. She was terrified of men but loved my husband from day one. We learned that we couldn’t raise our voices at all or she would run to a corner in the house, vomit, then lay down and shake. She was very defensive when anyone  came, including my family. Backing up, fur straight out like a porcupine; she was so fearful.  She had no training at all, but showed us her incredible intelligence when given the chance. We kept a gate up when introducing her. We didn’t know if she may bite and loved her too much to take any chances. Did I mention extreme high prey drive? Envision her seeing a squirrel and flying through the air with me on the other end of her leash. LOL.

What evolved over time was 115-pound massive beauty with a gentle loving soul. She absolutely loves all of her family. A ham for the camera, and loves holiday photo shoots complete with outfits. She has  known only love and gentleness since coming into our lives. Lexie Belle is 11 now and feels the wrath daily of arthritis and dysplasia. She takes a lot of meds but has remained the same sweet girl. She’s shown us what it is to love unconditionally. She put my shattered life back together, and made me a better person. My life without her? Unimaginable .

Thank you for sharing Lexie Belle’s rescue story with us, Donna! We’re so glad that Lexie Belle found such a wonderful home with you.

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  • Marcia says:

    I am one of Lexie Belles aunties. She loved her family and was so happy when one of us went to visit. She was so gentle and sweet. She was such a part of our lives and we all loved her very much.
    She brought so much joy to all of her family and friends. She was certainly one of a kind.
    There is no way that I could list all of the ways and things that she did to make us laugh.
    She passed away in oct. of this year ( 2012 ) and we miss her terribly but, she will remain in our hearts forever. She will always be our \ sweet Lexie Belle \.

  • Donna Fines says:

    I am so saddened to say that on October 9th 2012 my sweet Lexie Belle lost her battle with arthritis,dysplasia and ultimately degenerative myelopathy(a terriare heartless disease). We are devistated by her loss.She brought nothing but joy and love to our lives. Her beautiful spirit is locked in our shearts forever and her memories will live on forever.I wrote the folllowing poem about her.

    My Lexie Belle

    With every fiber of her being ,
    She gave to me her all
    But this last request I asked of her
    She knew was way too tall.
    I wanted her to stay.
    She tried with all her might
    but her tired body couldn’t do it
    She finally lost her fight.
    My beautiful sweet Lexie Belle
    So gentle and kind.
    Forever in my heart
    And always on my mind

    My name is Donna but I will always be known as Lexie Belle’s Mom. xoxoxox

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