Lily’s adoption story

Lily turned 12 in June.  She has been rescued (or rescued her people) twice through California GSP Rescue. At 12, she still gets excited for her daily walks, steals balls from her sister, hunts for critters and cats, and eats anything people eat.

Lily was born June 26, 2002. She and her brother Max were relinquished to California GSP Rescue on March 21, 2007 due to a divorce.

Lily and Max were adopted 11/10/07 and lived happily in Las Vegas. After Max passed, her owner came back and rescued Dutch as a companion for Lily. Their peaceful life ended when her owner succumbed to pancreatic cancer in June 2010.

Lily and Dutch seemed inseparable, and volunteers believed they should be adopted together. They lived, slept, and played as a pair. Dutch was a year older, and finding a home for nine and ten year old dogs was a challenge. They were favorites of the regular volunteers until May, 2011, when Dutch was fatally bitten by a rattlesnake. Some speculated that he was protecting Lily.

We decided to foster Lily to allow her to be with our dogs Zena and Zulu. Within a week, it was obvious that Lily had found her forever home. She loved the playing, walking, and of course, hunting for lizards! And, Lily has never met an enemy. She loves all people and is intrigued by all dogs. If a dog is not friendly, Lily just ignores the dog, stays away, and goes about her business.

At 12, Lily is the stereotypical GSP. When she gets excited for walks or food, she drags pillows, blankets, etc. around the house, shaking them. Her obsessions are still food and hunting. (One day, Lily watched a gopher hole for nearly an hour, hoping the critter would stick his head out just one more time.) And if she decides to take a nap on or near a person, a bulldozer is required to get her to move. You might say she does have a stubborn streak! She is healthy and strong, just feels a little stiff when it gets cold.

Her name is the symbol of beauty and purity, which is our Lily. Sweet Lily, you’ve enriched everyone’s life that you’ve touched.

Thanks for taking Lily in and making her part of your family, Jeanne! It sounds like she finally found a forever home to relax in.

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