Lily’s rescue story

We were thinking about adding another dog to our family (we have a rescued greyhound and rescued malti-poo) and started browsing the adoption sites. We came across Lily’s (FKA Lola) picture at Underdog Rescue of Florida, where we adopted our malti-poo. The description detailed how Lily had to have her eyes removed because they had ruptured, so she is now blind. We had never owned a blind dog, but her picture was so cute we just had to inquire about her. Lily was being fostered by the co-founder of the rescue and she had become very attached to Lily. When we first got to meet her, we instantly knew why. Lily is the sweetest, happiest dog I have ever seen. Her personality does not match her former life. She was found wandering the streets of Miami, FL with ruptured eyes and matted fur. The pictures of her at the Miami shelter are so horrible it makes me feel ill. The vet was going to euthanize Lily because she needed extensive surgery and he didn’t feel anyone would adopt her because she was going to be completely blind. Sherri at Underdog Rescue begged him not to put her down and nursed Lily back to health. After a few months, Lily was ready to find her forever home and we were lucky enough to be chosen to be her fur-parents. She has taught us about positivity even in the worst circumstances. She has taught the vet that was going to put her down, that special needs dogs ARE adoptable. And she has taught all who have met her the true meaning of love and happiness. We love you, Lily!

Thank you for sharing Lily’s rescue story with us, Kristin. It sounds like Lily is a very special dog, and we’re glad you wanted to welcome her into your family!

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