Louise Shares Her Rescue Story

Hi, my name is Louise. To the best of my recollection, I was born in the spring of 2010. I was out on my own, no home, no one to care for me, and pregnant.

Luckily for me, a lady near where I was living took pity on me and fed me regularly. Since she was so nice, I decided to go in her house through the doggie door so I could have my babies in a safe place.  It turns out that the lady was allergic to cats, but she let us stay in her house until she found a rescue group and asked them to foster us and find us real forever homes of our own..

I take some time to warm up to my new surroundings but my foster mom gave me a chance and saw how wonderful I am. She decided to adopt me and make me a permanent part of the family so now I will always be safe and happy and loved.

Thank you for sharing your rescue and adoption story with us, Louise! We’re so glad you found a loving home.

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