Lucky’s rescue story

Six years ago we were on our way to our grandson’s ballgame, sixty miles from home. The game was cancelled due to rain. We turned around and decided to go to Wichita Falls, Texas to shop. We were on an old county road, and saw this small dog walking briskly down the road, and we both agreed that he probably lived close by and was just on his way home. We went shopping in Texas and it was several hours later when we started home.

We were about twenty miles out of Wichita Falls when this semi truck in front of us hit his brakes; the truck driver had slowed down to avoid a small dog crossing the road. When we passed the dog, my husband said that is the same dog we saw this morning. We were at least ten miles from where we first saw him.  My husband pulled over and said, “I’ve got to go get him.” We turned around pulled up behind him, opened the car door and he came a-running.  He slept all the way home.  We call him Lucky, he has a clown-like disposition, and is best natured dog I’ve ever had.

Thanks for sharing Lucky’s rescue and adoption story with us, Teresa. It sounds like you and Lucky were meant to be together!

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