Lucy’s adoption story

After putting our beloved Cocoa to sleep last September, we (my husband, son & I) were ready to open our hearts again and get another dog. I found the Providence Animal Rescue League (PARL) website and found this wonderful pit bull mix named Hope that we decided to look into adopting. We went to meet Hope, but unfortunately she had a bad “habit” of eating cats, and since we had two cats for her to “eat”, we knew that she would not be a good fit for us. My husband was observing Lucy in her cage, so we decided to meet her instead, and she won our hearts. The photo I uploaded was actually taken about an hour after we brought her home, so you can tell she had no problem with us being her forever home. She has brought us so much joy and laughter. Lucy is the 3rd shelter dog that my husband has owned. Cocoa was 18 years old when she passed and Butterscotch, his other dog, was around 14 when she passed. We would never go anywhere else to adopt, but to a shelter. We love Lucy and look forward to many happy years together and new adventures.

Thank you for sharing Lucy’s adoption story with us, Elizabeth! She certainly seems to have settled right in to her forever home.

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