Mance Rayder’s adoption story

My first love and best friend, Rose, had to be put to sleep after a four month battle with an un identified illness two years ago. Her immune system just didn’t work the way it was meant to. Every week I was trying a new steroid and taking her to the vet multiple times to have her blood work taken.  After she died, I went through several stages. The first was the I NEVER WANT A PET AGAIN stage. Needless to say it didn’t last very long. Then, I decided I would adopt from a reputable breeder to insure minimal health complications. I spent weeks researching and deciding. Finally, the next day I was going to go and buy a 1,000 dollar cat from a breeder.  That night I looked over at my boyfriend. “Maybe we could just glance at some kittens in need online first.” He smiled. He had been trying to get me to do this for weeks. Neither of our hearts was in adopting from a breeder, my heart was just so broken from Rose that I was scared.  The next morning, we went to a shelter and there he was. I live in Washington D.C. where many of the shelter animals are not at optimal health. We brought home the sickest kitten in the whole bunch. His third eyelids were covering his entire eyes.  After two months of different anti biotic regiments and a year of waiting to see that his heart murmur went away, we don’t regret one choice we made, although we would have if we had adopted from a breeder. We get to live with the knowledge that we saved our baby kitty– something I was unable to do for my last kitty. And that is a feeling that is irreplaceable.  We all live happily ever after now. <3

Thank you for sharing Mance Rayder’s adoption story with us, Emma! We’re glad you decided on adoption and gave a sick kitten a much-needed home.

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