Max’s Rescue Story

This is my Max.

In June of 2009 I received a knock on my door when I arrived home from work. My neighbor was frantic and holding this little squealing kitten. Apparently his mother had had him earlier in the day in my neighbor’s yard and then just got up and left him there. My neighbor waited and watched for the mama cat to come back but she never did.

My neighbor not really being familiar with cats, kept him warm and tried to get him to take water off of her finger. When he wouldn’t eat for her, she waited the few minutes for me to get home and darted right over.

I take care of a community of feral cats, and so I had some KMR in the cabinet just for times like this. I got him to eat and made him up a warm box with the hot water bottle in it. This would be his bed for the next few weeks. He slept next to my bed and I set the alarm for every two hours for feedings. Luckily, I only worked down the street, so I was able to jump home for daytime feedings as well.

My two big boys, Duck and Mitts, took right to the new baby. Mitts behaved like a mommy to him. Max was gaining weight, making all the normal benchmarks with his development, and really becoming quite spoiled.

He is now my 10 pound baby. My vet says that he is really surprised that he grew to be so big and healthy. He didn’t expect him to survive, being abandoned right after birth.

We are just blessed that we get to share life with him.

Thank you for sharing Max’s rescue and adoption story with us, Samantha; you and Duck and Mitts did a great job raising him!

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  • Samantha says:

    That’s my baby boy. It still brings tears to my eyes when I see how small and helpless he was back then.

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