Mia’s Adoption Story

Ashton shares the touching story of how she adopted beautiful Mia from her local shelter:

Mia had been overlooked by others because of her cherry eye

Growing up I had one dog, Bingo.  Sshe was my most favorite thing, but I didn’t fully appreciate how great she was until she got older and incapable of doing things she always could before. My whole life she brought me so much happiness and gave me whatever I needed, then she really needed me. She couldn’t walk very well, had all old doggy type issues, but I took care of everything without even a thought, happily. Bingo came to us by following my older sister home from school, she was abused, alone, sick and little, we certainly didn’t have extra money but my mom kept her anyway, and she gave us 18 years of funny, sweet, awesome love.

When she died in 2006 I was so angry and sad, I never wanted another dog, ever again. But time went on and I fell back in love with every animal, every dog I saw. I began visiting, walking and playing with shelter dogs and in 2010 I saw a puppy up for adoption at Angell Memorial in Boston. I went in the day after Thanksgiving, because I needed to see him.  His name was Gordon and he was a 4 month old fluffy little thing. When I got there they lady told me he was being walked by a family, and told me he had a LOT of people interested in him. The lady also told me they had a new dog, not yet posted online, if I was interested.

At first I wasn’t, because I had my heart set on Gordon. The lady told me this dog was sweet, shy, 11 months old but  got overlooked because of her cherry eye. I reluctantly went to check her out, and when I went to her cage, I immediately fell in love. She began to cry as she tried to get out. I took her for a walk and instead of playing, she stayed with me kissing me and jumping on me. I brought her back and noticed as I walked away she looked for me and when she couldn’t see me, she began to whimper.

The shelter was closing shortly after and I asked the lady if she could hold Mia till the following day so my mom could come and see her. The lady told me they couldn’t do that but suggested I stay with Mia until they closed so no one else could take her. I stayed for about an hour and a half to make sure, then got there 45 minutes before they opened the following day- my mom easily fell in love and we signed the papers to make Mia mine.

Later I found some things to be inconsistent with what her previous owners said; they said she was crate trained, but with me she shook and cried and panicked. So I stopped. They said she was good with animals and kids, but she’s not; she’s scared and panics when being approached. The biggest thing that broke my heart is that she grew up with her birth mom, 2 year old Beagle and her birth father, a 10 year old Cocker Spaniel, but was put up for adoption with her mom a few days before Thanksgiving, and has had anxiety issues, and has some traits my vet says are probably because she spent so much time with her parents, then one day she was alone in a cage, like anxiety, and attachment issues.

I don’t mind, I’ll take care of her forever no matter what she’s going through, but that’s our story!!!

Thanks for sharing Mia’s adoption story with us, Ashton! We’re so glad Mia has a loving home with you.

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