Minnie’s adoption story

My husband and I adopted Minnie about two years ago. She was labeled as a barn cat as she was deemed not very friendly and had been returned by her previous owners after two months. She was considered as a hard-to-adopt pet.

However, when we walked into the shelter, she immediately caught our eyes and appeared to be really frightened by her environment. We just took to her and got her home.

Let’s just say she is the best cat we could have asked for. She turned out to be extremely friendly, gentle, playful and pleasant natured. To this day she will greet us at the door every time we walk into the house and is always up for a game of fetch. Yes she is a cat!!!!! I have never felt more attached to a pet as I do to her, and I can safely say the previous owners don’t know what they are missing! Their loss is my gain. I would not trade her for the world.

Thanks for sharing Minnie’s adoption story with us, Rachel! We’re glad you decided to adopt her and that she turned out to be the perfect cat for your family.

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