Moonglow’s adoption story

My husband John and I lost our dog Buddy twenty years ago when he was seventeen. Buddy was such a great dog- a Golden Retriever- who helped us raise our two children by meeting them each day at the school bus stop a 1/4 mile up the gravel road from our rural Oregon home. We were heartbroken when coyotes attacked him one evening and swore we would never have another pet. My advice is don’t swear.

It was November 2011, when we finally decided that a dog would be a great companion for us now that we were semi-retired, so we headed for the Oregon Humane Society. After checking out every dog in the kennel, we did not find one dog that would fit into our lives- all were very hyper or aggressive and we didn’t have the health or the energy in our mid-60s to keep up.

As we were leaving I looked in on the multitude of kittens and cats located at the opposite end of the shelter. I noted a very skinny, black long-haired kitty laying like a flat shaggy rug at the bottom of one of the cages. Three other kittens played all around and over it, generally ignoring the seemingly lifeless fur-ball. I asked the handler if I could hold it/her/him and he put the cat in an adjacent room with some cat toys so I could get a better look. When the door closed behind him, the kitten just sat on the floor staring at me with huge green eyes. When I picked it up and heard the rattle knew it had kennel cough and was barely able to breathe. Not a good sign.

I gave her back to the handler and went to find my husband. There was no getting around it, I was smitten, cough and all, and had to take her home. John didn’t even try to reason with me. We paid the $115 for paperwork, micro-chip, spay-neutering, and took “Moonglow” home.

It’s now March 2014 and we are now fully trained. Our lives fairly revolve around this beautifully groomed, healthy, intelligent, loyal, and highly entertaining ball of mischief.  We will never know the horrible circumstances that brought her to the shelter, but know that Moonglow has greatly enriched our lives and we hers.

Thanks for sharing Moonglow’s adoption story with us, Lorraine. We’re so glad Moonglow was rescued and has a loving home with you now!

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  • Monique says:

    Awww, that’s so cute. What a heart warming story. It just shows the vigor of youth, love, and compassion do not die with age, but can even enhance. Everyone should learn from these beautiful people. Whether it’s a small or large, animal or human, it shows you CAN make the difference. Learn from the good-hearted, and pray they are kept well for the rest of their lives on this gracious land of mother nature.
    Always in my prayers,

  • Lorraine says:

    Thanks Monique for your prayers and good thoughts!

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