Oscar’s Rescue and Adoption Story

This is Oscar.  In June 2010 my husband was working, delivering a package to Walgreens Drug Store. He called me to tell me there was a kitten by the dumpster in back of the store and I should come get it. So of course I got in my car and drove up there. When I got there, a Walgreens truck was unloading and the kitten was now inside the back of the Walgreens store. My husband had told the workers I was coming so they let me come inside.

The kitten was running back and forth, playing. I got down on my knees and called to him. Lucky for me he came right up to me. So I scooped him up and took him straight to my vet to checked out and tested for diseases. He got a clean bill of health! We have a wonderful vet and one of the ladies who worked there suggested we name him Oscar since he was originally found by the trash. The name fit him perfectly. So he came home and met his roommates, our two dogs, Spot and Taco, who were also rescues, and our other cat, Little Bitty, who was a rescue too.

Thank you for sharing Oscar’s rescue and adoption story with us, Donna!

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