Osker’s adoption story

We had a five year old heeler that we found a farm for him to live on. Well, my son wanted a new dog so bad, but thankfully he understood that a 1 bedroom apartment was too small for him being that he needed to run.

So I decided to start fostering dogs. Just one at a time and that way my son could also learn the importance of fostering.

One day, I received an email from a woman who needed to find a new home for a dog. She didn’t what breed he was or what his history was.

Her 12 year old daughter rescued a black dog that was one big mat of hair that hurt the dog so badly you couldn’t even touch him. The problem was that she was already on her pet limit, but she knew something needed to be done.

She decided first he needed to be shaved. After about 6 hours and a bunch of bites and scratches later, he was mostly clear of the mats. She then noticed how emaciated he was. You could see all of his bones.

She found me through a post on craigslist. Told me the story and asked if I could help. I couldn’t help but help this poor guy.

We met the next day and he was a very friendly dog and she showed me her arms and said this was him yesterday. Pointing to his wagging tail, she said and this is him today. I think he’s very happy to be out of that place.

So we parted ways. He sat in my lap shaking the whole way to the vet’s office.

They found that there was no microchip and found out he was approximately 2 years old but were unable to tell me what breed he was except for most likely a poodle. She weighed him at 6 lbs, and he should’ve been at 16. We got his shots and were on our way.

We got home and my son was so excited. We had reminded him that he was just a foster and he said ok, but what if nobody wants him?  I just said well, then he’s ours. All of sudden Osker started bouncing around on his hind legs. It was great and almost like he knew.

I found out how hard it was going to be to just foster him when he wouldn’t to leave my sons side literally. At night he would even share the pillow. We figured out by day 3 that he wasn’t going to be just a foster, but he was going to be our furrbaby.

After he gained some weight and his hair grew out, we figured out he was actually most likely a schnoodle (schnauzer-poodle mix).

He’s been a great dog ever since and very protective over the whole family.

Thanks for sharing Osker’s adoption story with us, Shelley! We’re glad you opened your home to Osker as a foster, and then adopted him as your own.

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