Pebbles’ rescue story

We received Pebbles on June 29th 2013 from a young couple that had bought her from a “rescue” in January 2013 but had decided they no longer wanted her. They drove an hour to bring her to us! Spent the day with us then left Pebbles in our care. Pebbles was sold to them without being vetted by the “rescue” and the couple didn’t bother to vet her either. We ended up finding out Pebbles was in poor health. Pebbles was sold to the couple with a lump on her butt, but since no one bothered to vet her no one knew. I got her into the vet as soon as I could, and the lump turned out to be cancer. Pebbles has been with 4 other sets of humans.

The 1st person bred her for a puppy mill, and locked her in a cage 24/7. They bred her, then were going to euthanize her for killing a few chickens and a cat. The 3rd locked her in a kennel in a small room in a garage until the couple we got her from bought her. They said they took good care of her and when they decided they no longer wanted her they found me to take her! We have been spoiling Pebbles rotten, and we plan to do so until the day she crosses over the Rainbow Bridge.

Pebbles is an Amazing Girl that had a bad start in life but we are making sure she that when she goes she will leave this world HAPPY and KNOWING she WAS LOVED!

Thanks for sharing Pebbles’ rescue and adoption story with us, Michelle. We’re so glad she finally has the loving home with you she so deserves.

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