Pinky’s Adoption Story

A few years ago I got my sister a dog as a graduation gift. I actually got a little jealous and wanted my own. I was going to go to a pet store and buy one but then decided to go on the local shelter’s web site. I saw Pinky and fell totally in love with her. She was about a year old and was on “hold” meaning that they wanted to make sure that the person that surrendered her was actually her owner. I called a dozen times for updates.

Finally they told me that she had been adopted. I was so crushed I cried and decided that I would give it a rest for a little. The next day I got a call from the shelter that she was ready for me to pick her up, I was completely puzzled. They said that I called so much and so often that they figured I was her new owner. I went and picked her up and it has been all love from the start. She is a little nutty and barks a lot but is such a good girl and loves my two year old daughter, Olivia.

We love our Pinky….We also adopted Chewy last year (that’s another story).

I am super happy that we went to the shelter and saved a life.

Thank you so much for sharing Pinky’s adoption story with us, Nancy! We’re glad you rescued Pinky, too.

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