Rascal’s Rescue Story

This week, Alexandra shares Rascal’s rescue story with us:

Rascal was rescued in March 2010

I rescued my puppy in March of 2010. He popped up on PetFinder, and a week later my then-fiance and I adopted him. His story was that he was found in a box in the woods by a highway shortly after being born with what was assumed to be the rest of his litter. Someone took the box of pups to a foster home, where a wonderful lady took care to bring them back to health. After an interview process, we were approved to adopt him! He was the last of his litter to go, as he didn’t look like the rest of the puppies.

Rascal was delivered to his new owner on an animal transport bus

He came up on an animal transport bus. The stop was in Waterbury and there were many other families there as well. We all shared pictures and stories and anxiously awaited the arrival of the bus. When it was finally our turn, the wonderful, kind ex-marines who run the transport handed him over and joked, “good luck with this feisty one!” He was a little 7 pound ball of energy with nothing but destruction on his mind! We named him Rascal, after Rascal Flatts which is where we got engaged. He certainly lives up to his name! He is very timid, has severe separation anxiety, but is the most lovable little pooch ever. Two and a half years later and thousands of dollars in destruction later, he’s still here with me.

Rascal is an adorable Beagle-mix

Throughout many personal struggles in the last year, no one was more supportive than my little Rascal. Being a Beagle-mix, he prefers hiding and burying himself anywhere he can. His unconditional love and cuddles helped me get through very difficult times in my life. He would come out from hiding to join me on the couch and rest his head right on my heart as if to say “I’ll always be here for you,” and I instantly felt better. It’s like the sticker on the back of my car says, “Who rescued who?”

Thank you for sharing Rascal’s rescue story with us, Alexandra! Want us to feature your own rescue dog or cat? It’s easy! Just email PetMeds at rescuepet@petmeds.com. Be sure to tell us your pet’s adoption story, what makes your rescue pet special, and include a few photos of your special dog or cat.

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