Renee’s Rescue and Adoption Story

Chris R. shares Renee’s rescue and adoption story with us:

Renee was rescued from a local parking lot

I found Renee in a local WalMart parking lot.  He was skin and bones with an injured leg. He came right up to me purring and meowing. I couldn’t resist his sweet face. He got right in my car and cuddled me all the way home. I put some canned food and dry food out for him. He would take a couple of bites, then run over to me and rub against by legs and purr. He would go back and take another couple of bites, then run back to me. He kept doing that until he was full. I thought he was a girl when I first got him because he was so sweet and loving. I didn’t know he was a neutered male until the vet told me. I had the vet check for an ID chip, went online, put an ad in the local paper and cruised the neighborhood looking for missing cat posters. I’ve never found his owner.

Renee and Smoke are best friends

He’s now best friends with Smoke. He’s my other neutered male. They both like to sprawl on my bed together. They even share it with me once in awhile! They’re the loves of my life.

Thank you for sharing Renee’s rescue story with us, Chris. It sounds like Renee found the love of his life with you!

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