Max, Khaleesi, Carl and Feral Fawcett: A Rescue Story

Travis and Missy tell us about their beautiful family of rescued pets:

Max, the yellow dog, was a rescue from a shelter.  He was 10 months old and Heartworm-positive, and had already been taken home and brought back by 2 other families.  He is now 4 and the best friend you could ask for, and is Heartworm-negative.  He loves hugs and kisses and walks and rawhide.

Khaleesi, a St. Bernard/Great Pyrenees mix, spent the first five months of her life on a 6 foot tie out wrapped around a tree.  She was underweight and her water had been sketchy, but 4 months since we found her she is a hundred pound lap dog.  She loves wet kisses and snuggles in bed, and her best kitty friend, Carl.

We took in Carl before he was euthanized, because he was a stray and was Feline Leukemia Positive at 10 weeks old.  Six months later he no longer is FLV+ and is healthy and happy.

Feral Fawcett was found in August near a dumpster in a parking lot at around 6 weeks old, and was so fascinated by the Christmas tree this year she immediately climbed it, and slept at its base for a week.  She did stop climbing it after this picture was taken, but it’s so pretty I’m glad I snapped it.  We are such a lucky family to have found everyone when we did.

Thanks for sharing Max, Khaleesi, Carl and Feral Fawcett’s rescue and adoption stories with us, Travis and Missy! We’re so glad they found such a great home with you, and that they are healthy and happy now.

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