Riley’s adoption story

Adopted dog Riley

I lost Matilda, my dog of 15 years, in January. It was shock to the system, but initially I decided I wanted to wait a good while before getting another pup. A friend suggested going with her to the Nashville Humane Association one day so we could pet on the rescues over there. It became a weekly thing for me over a period of months, but I had no plans to adopt.

Then came June 5th. It was my normal routine to swing by and love on the dogs there, but that day I came around the corner and saw Riley. It was as if he looked right through me, and that was that. I adopted him the next day. He couldn’t be more perfect for me. He might be the biggest love bug I’ve ever met. He’s smart and great with kids, people and dogs of all sizes. My little (or big) “Velcro” dog.

Thanks for sharing Riley’s adoption story with us, Jeanne! It sounds like he’s the perfect addition to your family, and we’re so glad you adopted!

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