Rosie, Snowflake, Peanut, Lucy, Lovebug, Rambo, Bow Bow and Bandit: Rescued!

Larry D. shares the story of how he bottle fed and raised 8 puppies, and adopted all of them:

These are my 8 latest rescues. They were born on June 8, 2012. After 3 weeks, their mother was stricken with a calcium deficiency. She was a stray and I could not get near her to take her to a vet. I consulted with 2 vets and concluded under the circumstance to put her down. So at three weeks, we started bottle feeding them. We are now at 6 months. They go in for spaying and neutering next week.

In the first photo, they are at 4 weeks. The second photo shows them at 5 months. They are from left, Rosie, Snowflake, Peanut (he was the runt), Lucy, Lovebug, Rambo, Bow Bow and Bandit. We have adopted all of them.

Larry, thank you for telling us about your rescued pups; it looks like they have a great setup there!

We’d love to feature your rescue dog or cat here, too. Just email PetMeds at and share your pet’s adoption story and a photo or two of your own rescue dog or cat.

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