Sadie’s adoption story

Adopted dog Sadie

About nine months after we adopted our first dog, Gizmo, a family friend called and said she had a dog that we may be interested in. We literally drove to her house minutes later to meet Sadie. We learned that Sadie was about 6 years old and had spent her entire life in a puppy mill. She wasn’t house-trained, needed to dental work for several infected teeth and was frightened by everything. Though it sounded daunting, I knew we had to keep her, especially after Gizmo met her and loved her (and he hates all other dogs). So, Sadie had her dental work (several teeth were pulled) and was spayed and we brought her home 3 days later. She was terrified, but I luckily had some time off of work and was able to bond with her. Over the next couple of weeks, she was house trained. The saddest thing about Sadie during those first few weeks was that she had no concept of playing. Toys terrified her, and her favorite spot was in her crate.

We have had Sadie for over a year now, and she is just the happiest little girl ever. She and Gizmo are the best of friends, always cuddling together. Sadie loves cuddling with us now, which was unheard of when we first brought her home. She hasn’t quite figured out toys yet, but she does go running after Gizmo when he goes chasing after a toy. It has truly been a pleasure seeing her come alive and develop a personality and be happy. We are so glad we said yes to Sadie and to have her be a part of our family.

Thanks for sharing Sadie’s adoption story with us, Patrice! We’re so glad you looked beyond her initial issues and gave her a loving, forever home where she could learn to be happy.

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