Sadie’s Adoption Story

This is Sadie. She was at Pets Alive for 6 months without anyone showing an interest in adopting her. I was volunteering at the time and would always take the caution dogs for walks. One Saturday I saw Sadie (a caution dog, fearful & snippy), I thought she was soooo cute and tried for ten minutes to leash her (she kept running away). Finally I caught her and when the day was done, I decided to take her on a sleepover for the weekend. After bonding with her, I called Pets Alive to see if I could keep her for the whole week. Needless to say, I adopted her after the week because I just couldn’t bear to bring her back. She was abused (by men) as a young pup and still distrusts males. She is fiercely protective of me and, although she doesn’t listen to a word I say, she gives kisses and lets me pet and love on her as much as I want. She sleeps on the couch with me (to protect me from my evil cats) and I couldn’t imagine my life without her.

Thank you for sharing Sadie’s adoption story with us, Connie. It sounds like Sadie found her perfect home with you!

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