Sam’s Rescue and Adoption Story

Louise shares with us the story of how she rescued and adopted Sam:

I met Sam almost 2 years ago. I went to a fundraiser at a rescue where a friend of mine was volunteering.

Not intending to get a dog right that day of course. I was talking to some people and this guy comes walking with a scrunchy looking dog. From afar, the dog spotted me, came running and put his head under my arm and his paws on my leg. He really looked like he was in need of some love and care – and so irresistible with his blue eyes and winning personality. So, a couple of weeks later, Sam was delivered to my house. They told me that he should be in a crate the first few nights, because that was what he was used to. But he was crying, so I opened the crate and he jumped right into my bed, snuggled up and he has slept next to me ever since. He has now put on 15 lbs and he is healthy as a horse!

He is my best friend and the most wonderful dog. How anyone could have ever beat him and mis-treated him, is a mystery to me. But I was lucky to find him that day – or he found me 🙂

Thank you for sharing Sam’s rescue and adoption story with us, Louise. We’re glad you and Sam found each other, too!

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