Scarlet’s adoption story

Scarlet in her forever home.

We adopted Scarlet as an adolescent in 2009. We were drawn to her spunky personality and sociability, her white socks and her beautiful blue-brindle coat. Scarlet needed a lot of training to provide polite outlets for her enthusiasm and energy (e.g., not nipping and jumping), and she has a difficult skin and a urinary condition that may have resulted in her being surrendered. All the training and meds have really paid off, and now we can’t imagine life without her! Scarlet is almost eight now, and we can’t go anywhere without strangers smiling when they see her coming, expecting their strokes. Everyone comments on how soft her coat is when they pet her now and how beautiful [she is]. It’s such a payoff to see Scarlet spread joy to everyone she meets. Rescued dogs make best friends!

Thanks for sharing Scarlet’s adoption story with us! We’re so glad you put in the effort to train her and help her become healthy, and it seems like she’s the perfect addition to your family.

If you would like to see your own rescue dog or cat featured here, please share your pet’s story and photo with us!

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