Scootch’s adoption story

Scootch in his forever home.

Back in March of 2009, I had to put my Pomeranian, Prince, down after having him in my life for almost 16 years. Prince was my life, and I was devastated. I NEVER thought I could ever love another dog the way that I loved Prince!

Five years after saying goodbye to my best friend, my companion, and someone who took a piece of my heart with him when we said goodbye to each other, I decided to adopt another dog. I know Prince would want me to save another dog’s life the way I saved his when I adopted him from the SPCA, back in 1993. I didn’t want another Pomeranian, as I didn’t want Prince to think I was trying to replace him.

Every weekend, I would go to the SPCA looking for a small dog. One that would fall in love with me, as much as I fell in love with them! Visiting both SPCAs in my area, I would leave discouraged week after week. Then, the unthinkable happened. On Saturday, July 26, 2014, on one of my weekly trips to the SPCA of Niagara, there was a small Shih Tzu & Maltese mix that was brought in as a stray. His name was Spencer. They led me to the laundry room, and there he was. There were two dogs in there, both in their own cages. I took one look at Spencer, and I instantly fell in love with him! He looked up at me, with those big gorgeous eyes, and his face reminded me so much of Prince, my heart just melted!

I asked the SPCA employee how old Spencer was, and she told me he was 5 years old. Was it just a coincidence, or was it fate? Coincidence that Prince left me five years earlier? The employee agreed to let us go into a private room and see how we interacted with each other. I was praying that he would like me at least a little bit. As soon as she brought him in the room with me, it was over. I knew at that moment that I found my new best friend! I could not let go of him! He was jumping all over me, giving me kisses and letting me rub his belly. I just couldn’t get enough of this gorgeous baby! I never wanted it to end! I wanted to hold him forever, and be his new mommy! That’s when my searching was finally over. Spencer came home with me that day!

Not really caring for the name Spencer too much, I wanted to think of a name for him, something different and something uncommon. Then it hit me- Scootch! I will name him Scootch!

The next day I received a phone call from my dad. He asked me which SPCA I adopted Scootch from. When I told him it was the SPCA of Niagara, he informed me that his girlfriend’s daughter had found Scootch walking around Niagara Falls, NY, and brought him to the SPCA. So, I honestly believe that it WAS fate that brought Scootch and I together. He was meant to be mine, and I was meant to be his. I guess you could say that on July 26, 2014, we rescued each other!

Thanks for sharing Scootch’s adoption story with us, Tammy! It seems like he was meant to be a part of your family.

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  • Brett Forsyth says:

    I loved that story! Thank you Erin.

  • Erin Gleeson says:

    Glad you enjoyed it, Brett!

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