Siyeh’s adoption story

We got our dog Siyeh (which means crazy dog in Blackfoot, and is a mountain in Glacier National Park) from our local Humane Society here in Montana, via an Indian Reservation Dog Rescue group. We think that he is 1.5 yrs old and is a mix of black lab and greyhound (which is common on the reservations around here). When we got him, he weighed 52 lbs (VERY underweight) and had a huge dent in his head. Two months later he is up to 65 lbs and the dent is almost gone now that he has some fat and meat on his bones.

He has a brother who is also a black lab cross and is 2 years old, named Glacier (named after Glacier National Park). When the dogs met for the 1st time, both tails went into an instant wag and Siyeh did a playful bow to Glacier. It was brotherly love at 1st sight.

Both dogs now sleep on the same bed together and enjoy going on walks together and playing at the dog park.  But, they do NOT enjoy sharing dog bones 🙂

Thanks for sharing Siyeh’s adoption story with us, Stacy! Both Siyeh and Glacier are so handsome, and it’s wonderful that they’re such great pals.

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