Spike’s rescue and adoption story

Spike was rescued in January 2014 after five of his litter mates froze to death. Without a mother (either the doggie or human kind) and left out in the cold to die at only 6 weeks old, Spike immediately captured my heart.  I adopted him and somehow managed to win the puppy lottery in the process.

He sleeps through the night, hasn’t chewed anything to pieces, and is extra loveable.  Spike has been growing like a weed, learning like crazy, and having a ton of fun!  He is now 17 weeks old and has fully adjusted to being an indoor doggie!  He loves the couch and all his toys.  I like to think he’s happy because he has everything a pup could want!  Yummy food, a backyard, his own den (a crate), tons of toys and he loves to please his new Mommy by showing me how he can sit, stay, (lay) down, and walk.

He makes me laugh because he barks at his reflection (who wouldn’t want to meet such a handsome pup?), chases his tail, and runs around like a crazy dog!  Spike rescued me just in the nick of time and I wouldn’t have it any other way.  I love this dog to the moon and back!!!

Thanks for sharing Spike’s rescue and adoption story with us, April. We think you both won the lottery when you found each other!

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  • Dena Baird says:

    This is the sweetest story I have heard in a long time. What a great pup. Just warms the heart to see something like this. I am so happy that you and he found each other. Hope you two have an awesome life’s journey together.

    God Bless You.

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