Stewie’s rescue story

Stewie was brought home because my daughter Fernanda was always complaining that she felt alone. I’m a single mother, working two jobs to catch up on the bills so when I was home I was often too tired to spend time with her, so I thought it might be a good thing to get her a companion. I never thought of all the responsibilities and expenses it would entail. After a couple of weeks I found myself overwhelmed because Fernanda didn’t want to take care of him (she’s a typical teenager). Still, I decided not to give up on him and keep him because I was already attached to him.

Just a couple months later my life took a terrible turn due to different situations and I found myself buried in debt and endless troubles with kids, job and everything you could think of.  I got badly depressed but being a fighter,  I keep going on and the only thing that helps me is, guess who?  My Stewie, my angel, my everything he’s been always there for me. We take walks to the park every day after work, he sleeps with me, he stays with me every time I’m home, and I never feel alone because he’s with me.

Stewie developed this allergy, I don’t know to what to be honest, but I take him to the vet to keep it in control. I’ve spent more money than I ever spent on myself fighting his allergy and came to this page looking for affordable medication, and when I read about how other dogs have been rescued I think of how lucky I’m because in my case I didn’t save him, he did save me. I cannot picture myself without my angel Stewie, he’s my everything and I will take the best care of him because I need to give him a little back of all the happiness and joy he gives me.

I don’t know if this story fits on this place but you’ll be amazed on how many pets are actually saving their owners every day because they provide the best medicine in the world: unconditional love, loyalty and companionship. This world would be way better if everyone could have angel pets to make us feel love and compassion.

Thank you for sharing Stewie’s rescue story with us, Maritza. It seems you two truly rescued each other.

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