Sugar’s adoption story

Sugar was brought into the shelter as a stray that had been living rough for a while. In our area, hunting dogs that are too old or “won’t hunt” are often let loose at the end of the season. Our flat coat retriever, Nick, is aging and needed a little company, so I took him to the shelter and he picked Sugar. She was underweight, scared, and ears notched (for ID by the hunter who had her). As far as we could tell, she had been bred and kenneled her whole life. But when I looked in her eyes and said hello, she snuffled at me as hound dogs do, and Nick liked her, so home she came. She had to learn a lot about living in a people house–stairs and being housebroken, that all loud noises don’t mean trouble, that food is always available. Now she’s a happy, loving couch potato that is spoiled rotten!

Thanks for sharing Sugar’s adoption story with us, Christine! We’re glad Sugar found a good home with you after her rough start.

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